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Commercial Physical Therapy Railing in Chicago

We recently had a physical therapy facility reach out to us that was located in River North in Chicago. They were looking for railing that was utilized for physical therapy with a very specific height and specific location in their facility. We first met with the client to better understand all the requirements to figure out the best solution for them while staying in budget.



We ended up deciding on a wrought iron railing with horizontal bars with a final graphite finish utilizing a zinc base followed by a Rust-oleum top coat. The entire measurement to installation process took roughly 2-3 weeks and throughout the process we provided progress photos to ensure the client understood the entire process.


We often fabricate commercial and residential work and simply require rough measurements, design ideas and photos of the space. This particular product turned out well and the client loves them and this particular railing will now be utilized to help people who have a difficult time walking or are going through rehab and need additional support during the treatment process. The facility we helped equip with railings focus on runners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, golfers, and in general fitness lovers that needed any physical therapy support due to an injury or preventive measures.


If you are ever in the market for commercial railing or guards for your facility or property – please give us a call and let us know how we can be of service. We can help walk you through the entire process to ensure you don’t have to get any additional contractors or need any other help unless it’s out of scope for our metal shop. We often will go above and beyond to find a way to help our clients solve any problem they may have as long as it has to do with metal.

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