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ADA pipe handrail for a church in Mundelein

custom ada pipe railing

Places where a community can gather are important, and being able to go in and out of the buildings safely and efficiently is also important. The ADA guidelines help make sure that folks in wheelchairs or with limited mobility are also able to visit places anyone else can go. Just because handrails are a common architectural feature does not mean they cannot add to the experience of a building.

Project Specs

ada rounded pipe railing

These round tube ADA handrails made for a local church in Mundelein were amazing to craft. They are painted black and made from wrought iron. With the round shape it makes them easy to grip and the black color puts them in stark contrast to the white brick and pale concrete that surrounds the entrances to the building. This makes them easy to see and bold in their duty of helping people safely navigate the ramp and the stairs.
ada church railing in mundelein
We wanted to craft these handrails to be practical, but also fit with the overall harmony of the building. This church was built with pale aggregate brick which is common in many buildings. This rough material, accompanied by the white doors and window frames give the church a welcoming and open feel. This is place for gathering and we wanted to extend those lines into the handrails that we produced.
custom church railing
By using the round steel pipe material – it flows into the existing lines of the buildings and the surrounding environment. On either side of the stairwell there were concrete planters, and we’re certain that when those beds are filled with flowers, the modern looking railings will flow right in. Even though, the material is industrial and modern style, the soft lines and gentle curves of the rail will blend with nature, creating a harmonious entrance into this place of gathering.
Mundelein church railing entrance
We take great pride in our work and it’s a delight to watch the journey from design to creation in our workshop to installation. To see our craftsmanship grace a property is the joy of a craftsperson. Metalwork is a passion that lasts a lifetime, to travel back and see the same work becoming seamless with someone’s day is a gift. These handrails will last and patina over time giving them additional character that is unique to this location.
painted black exterior ada rail
If you are interested in bringing some harmony to your property, whether commercial or residential through practical and long-lasting metal work, please contact us! As the leading Chicago metal fabrication company – we look forward to designing the perfect wrought iron railing for your building.

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