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ADA Railing in Humboldt Park


  • Type of product: ADA railing
  • Material: Round Pipe
  • Metal: Wrought Iron
  • Finish: Painted
  • Color: Gray
  • Commercial/Residential: Commercial (medical office)
  • Location: Humboldt Park (Chicago)

The first thing a client walking into a business sees is the entryway. While it may seem like we don’t glance at the frames of doors, the steps, the facade, or the handrails as we walk into a building all of those elements build up in our subconscious to give us a feel for a space. When we walk into a new place or even a familiar one we take in our surroundings subtly, the architecture and interior design influencing us in different ways. As a business or home owner, being conscious of what people sense when they walk into our places can make all of the difference.
Recently, we developed this wrought iron ADA handrail for a local medical office in Humboldt Park in Chicago. The client was looking to freshen up their space while still keeping it functional for their patients that needed to use it. Previously, the ADA handrail had been plain and clashed with the design of the rest of the lobby area. The medical office wanted to look sleek and welcoming, and we were ready to take on the task.

When the client first contacted us and described what they needed we immediately got to work trying to design something that would fit into the space and function well with the existing design of their building. By working to create this handrail we kept in mind the people who would need to use it and put the pride of our work ethic behind it.

After brainstorming with the client we came to look at the space to make sure that everyone could be built to specification. With the modern look of the medical office we wanted to create something just as sleek and modern look. By mixing roundness with an overall square design it is not only easy to use for its intended purpose, but it flows with the glass and tile design of the rest of the building.

This handrail was made of rounded wrought iron pipe and finished with a gray paint. It was made with the ADA requirements so that it will be functional for patients needing to utilize this piece of the architecture. By utilizing our new design, we not only brought new life to this place, but we brought a product that will last.
If you are looking to freshen up your home or office space we can help you come up with ideas, develop designs, and find something to suit your needs. Just like this medical office wanted to update its look and make all of its patients feel welcome, we can do the same thing for your place of business. Even homes that need a new face lift we can provide a service that can make a small change to the space, but make all the difference.

At Signature Metal Works, Inc. we feel that our products should have two primary functions, to be simultaneously functional while still being a work of art. Our metal fabrication creations will always be suited to the individual space that they are created for in order to make your home or business a complete space.

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