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Commercial Projects

A wide variety of commercial metal fabrication projects we have had the opportunity to work on. From custom railings for large apartment structures, large custom lawn edging to steel spiral staircases. Our clients vary from universities to large complexes around the Chicagoland are that are looking for custom metal fabrication shops that specialize in making sure that everything is done precise and done really well by third generation custom metal fabricators. Don’t forget to check out our custom commercial fabrication section for the latest ideas and trends in the industry as well as our past projects.

Le Pain Quotidien restaurant outdoor sidewalk railing with flower boxes
Street front restaurants are a staple of any big city. They become gathering places where people from different walks of life enjoy the atmosphere of a busy downtown or a sleep small town main street.
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Perforated powder coated metal exterior steps for outdoor pool area in Barrington
When summer rolls around what better place to hang out than the pool? It’s great to take a break from a hot day and take a dip in the cool water, splash around, maybe swim some laps.
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Galvanized mezzanine & guard railing for water tower fire department in Lombard
It’s always interesting to work with a variety of different buildings, creating things for different uses. When the Lombard Fire Department approached us about creating a mezzanine and guard rail for their water tower we got to work making something that would last and be practical for its purposes.
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Manufacturing bins with casters for Klein Tools
Our metalwork projects sometimes take on a different flavor from products designed to work on buildings. We also develop other metalwork products, as seen by these rolling carts that we developed for a local tool company.
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ADA pipe handrail for a church in Mundelein
Places where a community can gather are important, and being able to go in and out of the buildings safely and efficiently is also important. The ADA guidelines help make sure that folks in wheelchairs or with limited mobility are also able to visit places anyone else can go.
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ADA exterior pipe railing primed for commercial townhomes
First impression can make all of the difference, especially when choosing a place to live. These townhomes in the N/W Suburbs of Chicago called upon our services to help craft ADA compliant railings to accent their buildings and become a part of the place where people would make their homes.
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ADA railings for a downtown Chicago apartment complex
Apartment buildings are a fixture in modern society. Often, they are the first place someone lives when they move away from home or begin a new job. There are a lot of different aspects to focus on within the architecture, and that isn’t always what is right up front.
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Renaissance Hotel Roof Patio Railing in Northbrook
A hotel in Northbrook recently reached out to us as they wanted to convert their roof into a space that they could rent out for weddings or any kind of special events but to do so they would need to make the area up to code by utilizing proper height railings and their current ones were made of brick and too short.
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Custom ADA Railing for LA Fitness in Glenview
Commercial buildings are places of great opportunity. When they are first designed they are built with a purpose, just waiting to be filled with commerce. The LA Fitness in Glenview was one of these places.
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Commercial Galvanized Ramp with Bar Grating in River North
It's often in the back of a business where the important work happens. It's where businesses accept deliveries or the employees enter at the start of their shift. Items can be moved in and out, and these need to be structurally sound and safe spaces.
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