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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Five Guys – Custom Awning
We recently were asked to design a set of custom awnings for a Five Guys restaurant out in Joliet. Below are some pictures of our vehicle and the awnings we fabricated. We also fabricated a fence for the project as well and we are available for custom fencing work.
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Klein Tools Custom Metal Guard Rails
Klein Tools recently asked us to create a few sets of guard rails / safety rails for their fabrication shop in Elk Grove Village surrounding their gas forge. Below are some of the pictures after we fabricated and installed the commercial guard rails with a service gate for the machinery. Feel free to check out the rest of our custom rails on our railing page - We are your leading Chicago railing fabricator.
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Custom Metal Table Bases
We have recently been getting a lot of calls asking if we fabricate metal bases and we do! Below are some examples of some metal bases we have fabricated for clients recently and we are open to suggestions and other designs. Whether your an architecture, designer or simply looking for an amazing showpiece for your home or business - we have you covered.
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Custom Art Residential Window Guard
A customer recently came to us looking for an artistic yet safe window guard for their home. They stressed that they did not want it to look like a set of security bars but more artistic. They wanted something that would fit with the rest of their decore and after a couple days we came up with a pretty unique design that the customer loved and we wanted to share with you.
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Chicago Custom Stair Fabrication
Signature Metal Works Inc. specializes in custom stair fabrication and installation around the Chicago area. Stair fabrication is important to get done for the stairs of both residential and commercial buildings because the city's architecture can be quite unique and will not sustain a standardized stairway system. Our staircase fabrications are done by evaluating the area you need stairs in and welding together a design suitable just for your particular building. Whether they are open stairs or a emergency fir escape - we are your Chicago metal fabricators for the job! This will make it recognizable to people and it will add elegance and uniqueness to your building.
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Custom Residential Metal Handrail, Stairs, Railings
We recently had a customer ask us to redo their entire exterior of their home. They gave us an artistic license on the style and we created a custom metal stairs that went to their mud room. We also added a custom handrail next to the staircase and surrounded the area with a beautiful custom artistic hand forged metal railing. After we were complete with all the work - the customer loved all the work we did - they asked us to create some custom metal patio furniture for their backyard and you can get a small glimpse of it in one of the photos we took.
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Deerfield Exterior Round Bar Railing
We recently had a customer call us about redoing his railing at his home in Deerfield. We came in and removed all the existing metal and once the concrete was set we came in and installed a custom design for this customer.
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Custom Window Display for Pistachios
We recently had the privilege of working for Pistachios - a jewelry story that is located in Chicago at 55 E. Grand. They were looking for a very unique custom window display for their beautiful products. We received some sketches from the owner and went to work! Doing what we do best - create metal art! We created a small video just showing a few of the steps that were involved in creating these beautiful yet delicate and unique window displayed.
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Des Plaines Flood
During the recent flood in Des Plaines, IL we decided to see if there is anyway we can help the community while also testing out our newest addition to our company. Our Toyota Tacoma really did well in the deep waters and we helped a few people get out of a few jams and even helped an elderly lady get to her apartment building because she literally could not get it because of all the water.
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