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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Custom ADA Railing for LA Fitness in Glenview
Commercial buildings are places of great opportunity. When they are first designed they are built with a purpose, just waiting to be filled with commerce. The LA Fitness in Glenview was one of these places.
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Custom Artistic Residential Railing in Wilmette
This railing for a home in Wilmette was one of those projects that are delightful from start to finish. This railing has many artistic elements, from the waved tubing to the different metals in the balls and nobs. From every angle it reveals a different idea, a different viewpoint. It is a work of modern art in this residence.
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Commercial Galvanized Ramp with Bar Grating in River North
It's often in the back of a business where the important work happens. It's where businesses accept deliveries or the employees enter at the start of their shift. Items can be moved in and out, and these need to be structurally sound and safe spaces.
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Custom Window Well Guards with Hatch in Michigan City
Window well covers serve an important function. Primarily they keep people and animals from falling into the window wells which can, of course, be dangerous. It's not uncommon for people to be working near a building foundation and slipping and falling, especially in winter.
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Modern Custom Powder Coated Railings & Juliet Balconies in Lake Forest
Creativity can take many forms and often it is a real pleasure to make our designs work on different styles of building. On this town home in Lake Forest, we were tasked with creating porch railings, standard balcony railings, and Juliet balcony railings.
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Custom Commercial Wrought Iron Window Frames in Chicago
Windows are one of the most amazing pieces of modern architecture. In the history of construction we have moved from small windows with thick glass to windows that can take up an entire wall. Windows and their design can change how we interact with a space and with the world around us.
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Stainless Custom Modern Handrail in Highland Park
This railing was a pleasure to create to bring a new sense of character to this home in Highland Park. The architecture of the home was Mid-century modern with naturalistic elements throughout the home.
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Custom Arlington Heights Modern Wrought Iron Rail
Making the choice to do home renovation is often an involved process. Not only do you have to decide what to change, you have to find the right craftspeople to create what you need if it doesn’t already exist.
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ADA Railing in Humboldt Park
The first thing a client walking into a business sees is the entryway. While it may seem like we don't glance at the frames of doors, the steps, the facade, or the handrails as we walk into a building all of those elements build up in our subconscious to give us a feel for a space.
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Custom Tilting Fire Escape for Residential Home in Wicker Park
Building a fire escape for this residence in Wicker Park was an absolute delight. It took vision on behalf of our client, who wanted the fire escape on his home to mimic a much larger commercial style building, and a feat of engineering on behalf of our talented metalworkers. The final product was a custom tilting fire escape made of wrought iron and painted red. It was built in our workshop and then installed at the residence.
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