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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects - Related to "northbrook"

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Renaissance Hotel Roof Patio Railing in Northbrook
A hotel in Northbrook recently reached out to us as they wanted to convert their roof into a space that they could rent out for weddings or any kind of special events but to do so they would need to make the area up to code by utilizing proper height railings and their current ones were made of brick and too short.
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Custom Juliet Balcony in Northbrook
We had a client reach out to us from Northbrook who was removing their existing balcony due to structural issues and wanted us to replace it with a steel one.
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Custom Exterior Residential Railings In Northbrook
Many of our clients call us because they need a simple yet elegant piece of custom railing for their home. Whether it's because you have elderly family members that need additional support as they walk into the home or simply an additional decorative piece to add to the beautification of the exterior of your home – we can help!
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Custom Residential Railing in Northbrook
We recently had a client reach out to us and they were looking for something unique and different – which is what we specialized in!  They were looking for a custom railing that had some simplicity but was still modern and beautiful. We drew up some designs and sent over some picture ideas and the client agreed on them.
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Custom Railing Elements
We recently had a client come into our office and they wanted a particular railing element that they couldn't buy anywhere. We reviewed the designs and made a mockup of the design. We showed the wrought iron element to the client – they loved it. We made over 80 pieces ranging in size – sent them off to be powder coated and then dropped them off at the job site. We do offer delivery of all custom metal products.
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