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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects - Related to "indiana"

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Custom Exterior Railing
We recently had a customer reach out to us to create a custom metal element that would match their front door entrance. After some trial and error we really looked at some options and came up with a beautiful element to add to an exterior porch railing. We love the outcome and the customer loved it so much they gave us a hug! We love when clients ask us to create artistic metal work - whether it be for their railing or balcony or whatever it can be.
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Custom Modern Railing & Handrail
We recently had the opportunity to design and fabricate a beautiful custom modern railing for a home in the Chicagoland area. We really liked the way the product came out and we added a metal finish to the product to give it a great look. This finish ensures that the product will last a long time. Next time your looking for a beautiful custom railing for your home or commercial property - feel free to email or call us for an estimate.
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