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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects - Related to "evanston"

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Powder coated wrought iron railing for a vintage home in Evanston
Every house has character, and this vintage home in Evanston, Illinois had it in spades! The design of the entryway and the surrounding area gave us a remarkable opportunity to build something long lasting and just as iconic!
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Custom Balcony Railing in Evanston
Our company loves problem solving and helping companies and home owners figure out a solution no matter what the situation may be. We had a client reach out to us about a fairly simple balcony railing. They purchased a condo property but noticed that the existing railing was rusted and not safe for their family and needed a new one.
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Custom Wrought Iron Residential Exterior Railing
We recently had a client reach out to us that has a home in Evanston and they redid their front porch and for safety and security they needed a custom wrought iron railing installed. They were looking for something fairly heavy duty but also fairly modern that we did not in our custom railing section. We spent a few minutes discussing some options they have and some ideas they were interested in and we came up with this simple yet elegant design. This custom wrought iron railing is painted black and we do also offer powder coating to clients that are looking for a different finish as well as longer durability of the product.
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