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Recent Custom Metal Work Projects - Related to "aluminum"

Check out some of our recent custom metal fabrication around the Chicagoland area – from railings to stairs and much more! We developed this section as an inspiration board for new clients.

Aluminum Powder Coated Awning in Chicago
We had a client in the Lakeview area of Chicago reach out to us as he was having a problem with the fact that he needed an awning but he wanted something modern that made sense with the design of his home. He had some ideas but he wanted it to be maintenance free and be part functional and part art.
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Custom Aluminum Residential Interior Contemporary Railing
We recently had a client in Chicago come to us with a request for a handrail but it was not something we had done before. The client wanted something with a profile we hadn’t seen before. They found a similar type they liked on Houzz and we looked over the photo (granted it was distant) and came up with a rough estimate. We ended up recommending aluminum for this handrail. Had we gone with wrought iron or plain steel the weight would have been immense for this type of profile of material.
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Custom Commercial Roof Access Ladder
The Arlington Heights School district reached out to us in the past for a project to fabricate access ladders on their roofs. We came out to the location and examined the area and took measurements and began the fabrication process. Throughout the entire fabrication process we sent the school pictures of the progress. Once fabrication was complete – because this steel would be exposed to the outdoors – the school had asked us to galvanize this material.
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