Custom Galvanized wrought iron flat bed


We bought a vehicle some time ago and wanted to see if we could fabricate our own custom flatbed to meet our specific needs. All the existing flatbeds were more expensive and not really ideal for our particular intended purpose. We wanted something that was custom tailored to our needs – the same way our clients reach out to us because they want a custom product that’s not made for the masses. We first did some research on the styles of flatbeds available and some materials we could use. We followed up with drafting up some designs and gathered the materials. We decided that we wanted a wood platform but the entire frame to be metal. We added special inserts to enable us to take apart the entire flatbed in seconds, while also being able to support large pieces in the middle with special support beams.

Overall the fabrication took roughly a week and we had it installed on our truck the same week, ready to move and transfer custom railings, balconies, and stairs all over the Chicagoland area. We are constantly challenging ourselves and looking for new ways to fabricate wrought iron and aluminum products to further expand our availability. We are researching additional designs and other things we can fabricate to better help our customers in the residential and commercial sectors.