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Chicago Metal Fabricator

As a leading Chicago metal fabricator we have had the privilege of working all over the Chicagoland area! From residential homes to large commercial buildings – we constantly strive for perfection on every job! We cater towards any metal fabrication job that involves wrought iron. We have all five star reviews on all rating websites! We work hard to innovate and execute all  metal projects! We are insured and bonded in the city of Chicago as well as the surrounding neighborhoods mentioned below. Click the logo above to visit out site!

Our Welding Specialities

We specialize in seating for restaurants as well as structural work throughout the entire city of Chicago. We also focus on the fabrication of custom railings, custom stairs and balconies. We primarily focus on wrought iron. To receive an estimate please email us any specifications for what your looking for and pictures of where the product needs to be installed.

Our goal is to restore and add beauty as well as add art to the city of Chicago by creating functional metal art. We are not simply fixing and welding materials around the city – we are focusing on making this city and all the areas around beautiful! We believe that by working on the beautification of the city – even from a metal standpoint – we are helping the community live better lives. From metal sign entrances for a neighborhood to the chairs you sit in while you enjoy your cuisine – we are constantly working to make this city a beautiful and safe city to live in!

Chicago metal fabrication is the only choice for your metal fabrication needs today. Our decades of experience and quality speak for themselves.

Chicago Area Coverage

Below are just some of the neighborhoods in Chicago that we service:

Work Around Chicago
Residential cable pipe railing painted graphite for a Chicago loft
The open floorplan of the modern style home is a keystone of the architecture. Back when it first became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, the open floor plan gave homeowners the opportunity to have their rooms flow from one to the next.
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Le Pain Quotidien restaurant outdoor sidewalk railing with flower boxes
Street front restaurants are a staple of any big city. They become gathering places where people from different walks of life enjoy the atmosphere of a busy downtown or a sleep small town main street.
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Modern wall mounted metallic bronze wrought iron pipe handrails for Chicago home in Lakeview
For this residential area in Chicago, we wanted to invoke that modernist sensibility. The goal of this project was to create new handrails for the steps leading to an outdoor porch area.
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Flat bar wall mounted stainless paint handrails for law office
Modern architecture has a style that cannot be mistaken with any other style of architecture from the past. It is both sharp and smooth edges. It can be natural materials mixed with industrial.
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ADA exterior pipe railing primed for commercial townhomes
First impression can make all of the difference, especially when choosing a place to live. These townhomes in the N/W Suburbs of Chicago called upon our services to help craft ADA compliant railings to accent their buildings and become a part of the place where people would make their homes.
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ADA railings for a downtown Chicago apartment complex
Apartment buildings are a fixture in modern society. Often, they are the first place someone lives when they move away from home or begin a new job. There are a lot of different aspects to focus on within the architecture, and that isn’t always what is right up front.
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Exterior railing for a balcony & outdoor space in Wicker Park
We recently had a client reach out to us that was completely remodeling her families entire home - from the inside out and we were given the opportunity to work with her. The massive beautiful home is located in Bucktown / Wicker Park area and we were asked to potentially work on creating custom balcony railing, fencing and garden railing.
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Commercial Galvanized Ramp with Bar Grating in River North
It's often in the back of a business where the important work happens. It's where businesses accept deliveries or the employees enter at the start of their shift. Items can be moved in and out, and these need to be structurally sound and safe spaces.
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Custom Commercial Wrought Iron Window Frames in Chicago
Windows are one of the most amazing pieces of modern architecture. In the history of construction we have moved from small windows with thick glass to windows that can take up an entire wall. Windows and their design can change how we interact with a space and with the world around us.
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ADA Railing in Humboldt Park
The first thing a client walking into a business sees is the entryway. While it may seem like we don't glance at the frames of doors, the steps, the facade, or the handrails as we walk into a building all of those elements build up in our subconscious to give us a feel for a space.
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Custom Tilting Fire Escape for Residential Home in Wicker Park
Building a fire escape for this residence in Wicker Park was an absolute delight. It took vision on behalf of our client, who wanted the fire escape on his home to mimic a much larger commercial style building, and a feat of engineering on behalf of our talented metalworkers. The final product was a custom tilting fire escape made of wrought iron and painted red. It was built in our workshop and then installed at the residence.
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Aluminum Powder Coated Awning in Chicago
We had a client in the Lakeview area of Chicago reach out to us as he was having a problem with the fact that he needed an awning but he wanted something modern that made sense with the design of his home. He had some ideas but he wanted it to be maintenance free and be part functional and part art.
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Commercial Physical Therapy Railing in Chicago
We recently had a physical therapy facility reach out to us that was located in River North in Chicago. They were looking for railing that was utilized for physical therapy with a very specific height and specific location in their facility. We first met with the client to better understand all the requirements to figure out the best solution for them while staying in budget.
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Custom Handrail in Wicker Park
We recently had a client reach out to us to create a custom handrail solution that fit in with their modern/contemporary look of their home in Chicago. We initially asked for some measurements as well as some photos of the area and requested some ideas of elements they really liked. We were able to then sketch an idea that we did recently before but in a different finish and material. We presented the idea to the couple in the Chicago downtown town home and they fell in love with it. We then came out to their home in Wicker Park to take final measurements to ensure the final product would fit perfectly - as if it had always been there.
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Modern Railing in Chicago for Open Stairs
We often get emails from clients that are modernizing their condos or commercial properties and are looking for a solution that makes sense within their budget. We spoke to this client from Lakeview in Chicago on several occasions and his goal was to open up the area more while at the same time he wanted to modernize the railing on the top stairs. He was thinking of doing a complete stars in metal but we want over the variety of costs and it didn’t seem to make sense in this application.
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Wrought Iron Fencing in Chicago
We recently had a client from Roscoe Village in Chicago reach out to us while they were rehabbing their residential property. They transformed the entire exterior but needed additional elements to make it secure and safe. They were looking for a staircase coupled with fencing for the front of the home.
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Giordano’s Window Frames
This is our second time working with the amazing Giordano's restaurant. Our first project together was a very intense project with tight deadlines and a location we had yet been given the opportunity to work on (Navy Pier). But this time we were in a different location for this amazing Pizza spot and needed to replicate some of the design elements we utilized for the first location in Chicago.
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Wrought Iron Railing in Chicago
We often have clients call us during a remodeling project as they often may redo the flooring or want to change up the entire design of the home. When this occurs they often need to also consider the safety of the people in that home or business they are remodeling.
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Window Guards in Chicago
We recently had a client from the Chicagoland area reach out to us for some custom window guards. They had some concerns about the first story windows being broken into but at the same time did not want to distress the curb appeal of the property or scare of their neighbors. They were looking for something decorative yet secure.
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Custom Ornamental Residential Wrought Iron Railing
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate a custom wrought iron handrail. Typically we get photos for inspiration or just an idea of what they are looking for but this client did a few sketches for us and it was something we had never seen before.
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Custom Restaurant Entrance At Navy Pier
We recently had a restaurant reach out to us that was looking for us to fabricate custom window frames as well as an entire steel entryway with canopy for Giordano’s. We met with the general contractor and the owner of this new location that recently opened at Navy Pier in Chicago.
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Custom Aluminum Residential Interior Contemporary Railing
We recently had a client in Chicago come to us with a request for a handrail but it was not something we had done before. The client wanted something with a profile we hadn’t seen before. They found a similar type they liked on Houzz and we looked over the photo (granted it was distant) and came up with a rough estimate. We ended up recommending aluminum for this handrail. Had we gone with wrought iron or plain steel the weight would have been immense for this type of profile of material.
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Custom Contemporary Cable Railing
A client in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago reached out to us because they just put in a beautiful custom wooden stairs and needed a custom railing to showcase it in their new beautiful commercial/residential space. They were transforming this loft type of space for their renters who were interior decorators and they wanted something truly amazing. They initially debated on glass or something else and in the end we showcased a beautiful design we wanted to focus on and they fell in love with it.
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Exterior Custom Residential Wrought Iron Railing
We recently had a residential client reach out to us to fabricate a beautiful exterior custom railing for the entrance to their basement from the garage side.
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Vista Homes Custom Juliet Balconies
We had a client reach out to us during the winter to get a quote on fabricating custom Juliet balconies for their large condo complex.
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Custom Folded Stairs in Chicago
We had a client reach out to us that was looking for a contemporary metal folded stairs for his home in Chicago. We showed them some samples and ideas of what we could do and they showed us other designs they found online. Between the two we were able to draft up a custom design the client loved. Once the contract was signed - we came in to take final measurements of the entire opening that the custom stairs would be going into.
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Custom Flat Bed
We bought a vehicle some time ago and wanted to see if we could fabricate our own custom flatbed to meet our specific needs. All the existing flatbeds were more expensive and not really fitted for our particular use. We wanted something that was custom tailored to our particular application – the same way our clients reach out to us because they want a custom product that's not made for the masses.
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University of Chicago Law School Lawn Edging
We had a contractor reach out to us about some very intricate commercial modern lawn edging that we had never done before.
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Custom Wavy Interior Railing
We recently had a client reach out to us for a custom wavy residential metal railing. They provided us with a few ideas and samples of things they have seen in the past. They also checked out our profile on Houzz and browsed some of the designs there.
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Custom Steel Doors
We had a couple reach out to us that was looking for an amazing custom door to create a separator between their living room and office. They provided us with a custom design of exactly they were looking for. They wanted it painted gold and installed in their condo in Chicago. We fabricate the piece in about a week and the following week delivered and installed the final custom door.
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Custom Penthouse Stairs In The Loop
The combination of wood with metal often leads to exceptional design, one that we love to offer to all of our clients.
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Replacing Existing Railing Process
Replacing an existing railing is not a complicated process but it does include additional contractors depending on the situation. For example if you have a railing installed in wood flooring – a contractor would need to remove the existing railing and then path the wood area to ensure that it is ready for installation of the new railing. The issue or concern is that when we come in to install the new railing – the location of where the railing attaches to the floor may not completely coincide and you may end up with holes in the ground that are not needed. For that reason we tell all of our clients to call in a flooring expert to patch the area and have it ready for us to come in and install the finished product. We also need the railing removed to take proper measurements.
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Custom Residential Railing in Chicago
We recently had a residential client reach out to us with an idea of a custom railing utilizing a flat stock metal. After some design ideas we decided to utilize cold rolled steel, which has a very similar look of flat stock – only concern is that it has very similar pricing to stainless steel. We came out to the customer and took all the measurements and the following week we were ready to install the custom railing we had designed and fabricated for them.
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Custom Twisted Solid Square Bars
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate custom balconies utilizing a lot of twisted solid ½" square bars. We purchased some at first and then decided we could make our own. We bought a machine and modified it specifically to make railing twist pickets of any size. Next time your looking for twisted square bars of any size – give us a call and we can fabricate and ship it out to you!
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Fire Escape Replacement Treads
We recently had a client reach out to us to fabricate fire escape replacement treads for an emergency fire escape. In the city of Chicago they are all standard and we decided to fabricate some for the client as well as make a template for ourselves for any clients that may be interested. We can fabricate as many treads as you need and everything is done by hand and inspected to ensure that it meets all city codes. These steps are the same all over the US and if you have a fire escape with a broken step or tread and need a replacement tread – give us a call and we can quickly provide you with an estimate.
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Custom Modern Railing & Handrail
We recently had the opportunity to design and fabricate a beautiful custom modern railing for a home in the Chicagoland area. We really liked the way the product came out and we added a metal finish to the product to give it a great look. This finish ensures that the product will last a long time. Next time your looking for a beautiful custom railing for your home or commercial property - feel free to email or call us for an estimate.
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Custom Metal Table Bases
We have recently been getting a lot of calls asking if we fabricate metal bases and we do! Below are some examples of some metal bases we have fabricated for clients recently and we are open to suggestions and other designs. Whether your an architecture, designer or simply looking for an amazing showpiece for your home or business - we have you covered.
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Chicago Custom Stair Fabrication
Signature Metal Works Inc. specializes in custom stair fabrication and installation around the Chicago area. Stair fabrication is important to get done for the stairs of both residential and commercial buildings because the city's architecture can be quite unique and will not sustain a standardized stairway system. Our staircase fabrications are done by evaluating the area you need stairs in and welding together a design suitable just for your particular building. Whether they are open stairs or a emergency fir escape - we are your Chicago metal fabricators for the job! This will make it recognizable to people and it will add elegance and uniqueness to your building.
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Custom Window Display for Pistachios
We recently had the privilege of working for Pistachios - a jewelry story that is located in Chicago at 55 E. Grand. They were looking for a very unique custom window display for their beautiful products. We received some sketches from the owner and went to work! Doing what we do best - create metal art! We created a small video just showing a few of the steps that were involved in creating these beautiful yet delicate and unique window displayed.
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City of Chicago Map - Welding Coverage
A custom railing we designed for a client - just showing some of our welding work and some of the amazing things we can truly produce!
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