Custom Railing Elements

April 23, 2014 Read : 2 minutes

We recently had a client come into our office and they wanted a particular railing element that they couldn’t buy anywhere. We reviewed the designs and made a mockup of the design. We showed the wrought iron element to the client – they loved it. We made over 80 pieces ranging in size – sent them off to be powder coated and then dropped them off at the job site. We do offer delivery of all custom metal products.custom railing pickets railing pickets

Do you have a particular railing element idea in mind that you want us to make? Give us a call and we can let you know if it’s something possible. All elements are wrought iron pieces that are handmade. We don’t have minimum orders and we can have them painted or powder coated to ensure durability.  Everything is hand made and is thoroughly inspected to ensure it exceeds out shop standards and the criteria the client has.

residential custom staircase pickets

Next time your looking for something unique for your railing or balcony whether its residential or commercial give us a call for an estimate.

  • Madeline

    We live in a 50 years old house and we want to change the old metal elements only, the wood frame has a very unique design and we want to keep it. Should we measure and choose a design or should your team come over and see exactly what we’re talking about?