Arlington Heights Fire Department

April 09, 2014 Read : 2 minutes

We recently had the opportunity to fabricate a custom staircase and balcony for the Arlington Heights Fire Dept. This building was completely gutted and was a training facility for the firefighters to test their speed in rescuing and putting out a fire. All of the metal was galvanized and was fabricated to meet and exceed all city codes to ensure that the building would last. We understood that the building would be undergoing intense fire damage and would need to uphold. We also fabricated a custom balcony that was supported with metal suspension rods that was all galvanized and put together with bolts.galvanized commercial stairs commercial grating stairs custom galvanized balcony

We typically recommend the galvanization process for any commercial work if no particular color is needed. Otherwise we typically recommend a powder coating process with 2-3 coats to ensure the product can stand the test of time as well as have the ability to be any color the client may need. Both process can ensure that whatever metal work is going into the elements or simply needs stronger protection will not rust and will hold up to anything. Simply painting a metal product such as steel with regular paint will result in rust and we strongly advise against it. Give us a call next time your looking for any commercial metal or residential work and we can explain the process and fabricate anything you may need.

  • Sylvia

    My cousin is a fireman and I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole facility upcyled and modernized. Great work!

  • Signature Metal Works

    Yea they use this building to test to make sure they are always ready for any scenario.